Server Development Steps
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Chapter One.

Dynamic rates

・XP / SP
1-80 Lv. - x1
81-84 Lv. - x0.7
85+ Lv. - x0.5

Closed locations

・Antharas Lair
・Tower of Insolence
・Frost Lord's Castle
・Kelbim's Fortress
・Pagan Temple
・Celestial Tower

Enchantment limits

Cloak of Protection +7

Talisman of Aden +7

Blessed Talisman of Aden +7

Dragon Belt +5

Agathions +7

Phantom Mask +5

Circlet of Hero +5

Blessed Circlet of Hero +5

Talisman of Speed +5

Blessed Talisman of Speed +5

Talisman of Eva +5

Blessed Talisman of Eva +5

Talisman of Authority +5

Blessed Talisman of Authority +5

Einhasad's Pendant Lv. 3

Venir's Talisman Lv. 10

Jewelery Lv. 4

Aden's Soul Crystal Lv. 10 - Weapon

Aden's Soul Crystal Lv. 10 - Armor

Hardin's Soul Crystal Lv. 6

Bracelets and Brooches Lv. 5

Rare Accessories +2

Items not available in Chapter One

Piercing Mask

Agathion Dragon Egg

Heavenly Talisman

Blessed Dragon Belt



Available in Special Craft

Sigil of Inevitability Sealed

Shield of Vengeance Sealed

B-Grade Weapon Coupon Sealed

B-Grade Armor Coupon Sealed

Available Raid Bosses in Chapter One

・Queen Ant
・All solo bosses
・All group bosses