Guaranteed Enchant System

Guaranteed Enchanting System - allows you to not worry about your series of failures in enchanting, because after several failed attempts in a row you will have 100% enchanting chance.


Some of the features related to guaranteed enchant system on our project:

  • Since we don't want to remove the element of luck from the game completely, guaranteed enchant WILL NOT work of all types of Weapons and armors.
  • Guaranteed Enchanting will be available for items in boxes.
  • Guaranteed enchanting is also applied on enchanting/compounding items during mass enchanting.
  • Sealed and Unsealed items of the same type has individual filling bars for the enchant to succeed 100%.

How it works?

  • Indicator (lightning) of the Guaranteed Enchanting is filled during failed enchanting and resets on success.


  • The amount of unsuccessful attempts to fill the indicator (lightning) depends on the chance of enchanting/compounding of the item.
  • Once the indicator is full, your next enchanting attempt will have success rate of 100%.


What does it cover?

  • All items, except Weapons and Armors of all grades.
  • Dyes, only when not active, trough your inventory.
  • Some of the items in Special Craft.