General information

First olympiad fights will begin: May 2, 2024

Olympiad format: 1 vs 1, 3 rounds

Fights amount: 30 per week

Olympiad time: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 22:00 to 00:00 GMT +3

  • Characters, that have received Hero status will receive special passive and active skill.
  • For each Olympiad victory you will receive 10 points, for lose -1 point.
  • Hero status can be received on Monday at 12:00 (server time)

Olympiad Matches

  • Olympiad matches contains 3 rounds, 100 seconds for each round.
  • The character remains in the arena for all 3 rounds, with the start of a new round character is moved back to the waiting room to prepare for the new round.
  • The winner is the character who wins 2 times in 3 rounds; If the character has 2 victories in a row, the 3rd round is not held.
  • The character is considered a loser on the game leave before the results of the match are announced.

The following rules apply at the end of Round 1:

  • For the loser: restored 70% HP/MP/CP.
  • For the winner: so much of HP/MP/CP is restored , how much was at the end of the round.

The following rules apply at the end of Round 2:

  • For both participants: restored 100% HP/MP/CP, the cooldown of skills with a base cooldown of 15 minutes or less is reset.

Hero Status Bonuses

Heroic Miracle - active skill
Cooldown time: 20 minutes

Duration 1 minute:
P./M. Attack +1000
P./M. Defence +500
:p_hero_baff: Heroic Miracle - passive skill
+3 STR, +3 INT, +3 DEX, +3 WIT, +3 CON, +3 MEN

Olympiad store

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